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Handy Tips If You Have Oily Skin

While people having dry skin lament that it makes them look dull and patchy, the ones who have oily skin will complain that their skin looks so shiny that it’s akin to sweaty (plus a fact, people would notice the ‘shininess’ compared to dryness both in picture and person). If you’re the one that have oily skin, read these handy tips to get your face covered smoothly, literally.

Knowing the real cause of oily skin can be a helpful first step so you can find the right solution for your skin.

While genetic-related causes is not something you can change, other possible reasons such as overusing skin care products can also make your skin oilier than usual. The situation happens because your skin felt the surface a bit dry so it’ll produce oil to provide some suppleness for your skin. But unfortunately, washing your skin way too much will only make your skin to produce more oils to counter drying effects and hence you’d get shiny skin.

The same case also can happen if you are suing skin care products incorrectly. For example, using cleansers for oily skin when you have fairly normal skin (cleanser for oily skin tend to strip out natural oils more than usual).

Certain medications can also make your skin oilier than usual, especially with medications that can affect your hormone system directly (and yes, even when you’re hormonal sans medication, oily skin likely to happen). Medications that can make your skin drier than usual also can be the possible reason.

Believe it or not, tanning also can make your skin, especially with tanning beds. Your skin will be a bit dry after a session, which trigger your body to think it’s injured and thus producing more oils to protect the skin’s surface (when you thought sun-kissed glow is enough, now you have to contend with the sudden oiliness).

Genetic or not, there are ways that you can do to reduce oiliness on the skin. You only need a little bit of natural oils for a smooth and supple skin while the extra sheen is definitely unnecessary. So how to do it?

Always choose skin care and makeup products that are labeled non-comedogenic (means it won’t be clogging the pores – we know clogged pores lead to nasty breakouts!) to keep oily skin and it’s after effects at bay. If you can, choose products that are made from gels and light lotions as they usually water-based and much suitable for oily skin (creams are formulated with rich emollients that fare well for dry and aging skin).

BB and CC creams can be a handy skin care as it’s usually formulated for all skin types (check the labels beforehand, of course!).

Generally, oily and dry skin is not favoured to use heavy makeups but if you must, use mineral makeups instead as they’re non-comedogenic. The pigments are quite rich so you’ll need a little bit and still look made up yet natural-looking.

I could not stress this enough; apply sunscreen liberally to keep the skin protected. UV rays are capable to dry up the skin, causing your skin to produce more oils than necessary.

Simple tips and handy tricks like these are what you need to know to keep the oiliness at bay. And now, let out the true shine glows from within (pun intended). Article provided with many thanks to Advanced Dermatology who are specialists in Skin Care and Botox providers in Sydney.

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