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Avoid Risks in Laser Treatments During Summer

Though most laser treatments have relatively shorter cooling periods compared to their predecessors, it’s still not advisable for you to get a shot of these during the summer months. Well, not to put blame on the season, but rather to minimise the potential risk that your skin might ‘suffer’ after getting one of the treatments.

Apart from shorter recovery time, these laser treatments can be done at any time of the year – it’s because of the potential side effects that you’re not encourage to schedule any of the laser shot during the summer months.

The rule is not absolute but rather a general guideline – depends much on where you live and what you do daily – recommendations would be different if you love to spend time outdoors in winter instead of going vacay on warmer places. And the case is true if you’re considering laser treatments like Fraxel, CO2, or IPL.

To put it simply, if you want to get a shot of laser treatments, do so when you spend a lot of time indoors (a month before, and a month after the scheduled treatment), especially of you have darker skin tone of have had a history of melasma, in order to minimise the risk of skin burning or melasma from flaring.

So here are some of the pointers that you seriously need to remember, if you’re thinking to get any laser shot this year.

The reason why most laser treatment work on fair skin tone is the machine works by identifying the difference between the colours of your skin – incorrect setting will cause your skin to absorb more energy from the laser than they should, increasing the chances of burning (or worse) permanent scarring.

It’s not just the summer months or you tend to expose in outdoors most time, regardless of the seasons – if your skin has been exposed and bared under the sun for the laser 72 hours before the intended treatment, you’re in the risk of extreme burning, as the skin is a bit sensitive to heat during this period.

After laser treatment, it’s essential that you protect your skin more than ever to reduce potential side effects until it becomes negligible, avoiding as much as possible for corrections (imagine the hassle), as well as to enjoy the results for long.

These pointers sure come in handy if you think that you should have some laser rejuvenation for this year. Don’t worry, your dermatologist will certainly remind you of or perhaps they even go as far as providing you a checklist. Good luck!

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