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Which mascara is for you?

Lengthening, thickening, and volumizing – so many types of mascara to begin with and you have no idea which is the right one for you. Short of asking the salesperson “which mascara will make my lash like this model?”, why not read this piece to understand how each type of mascara really works for your lashes and how to make maximize their benefits. Read on.

Mascara is definitely a must-have for every ladies out there – not many of us are blessed with long and curly lashes that make your eyes look oh-so-good (if you do have one then consider yourself super lucky) that even people who don’t really wear makeups will use a mascara anyway. Because the tool enhances and beautifies your lashes that it’ll make instantly an eye-opener and appear more awake (plus it’s a bit cheaper when comparing with false eyelashes and lash extensions).

The key in choosing mascara is depending on the brush shape and the type of formulas that you want, according to your (lashes’) needs. The wand itself will determine where the mascara will coat the lashes. Fuller wand with lots of bristles will add some thickness and volume to each lash while curving ones is obviously to enhance the curl of your lashes for longer while straight on brush that looks like a comb is useful to add the length.

Okay, so on formulas. Lengthening mascaras have ingredients like fiber and silicone that will coat and attach to each lash, hence making them looking longer (kind of like stacking them up), and definitely handy if you have short and sparse lashes. Tip: add more coats in the middle for a cute big-eyed look or at the ends to create sultry looking eyes (a perfect complement if you have a cats’ eye look with eyeliner).

Curling mascara on the other hand, is just like the name suggests – they add curl to each lash with polymers and resins in the formulation (you might want to begin from the root, for the most effect) and to make the curl last longer, curl the lashes with a warmed up eyelash curler before using the mascara for double the effect and yet look simply natural.

Volumizing mascara also goes for the name with thickening formulas with polymers and wax. They add volume to each lash, making them amp up, fuller, and the eyes look awake and healthier. This type tends to be thicker in consistency and heavier than other formulas and it’s perfect if you have thin and aging lashes (they tend to get wispy as you age). Just like lengthening ones, focus on the middle lashes (from the root) if you want to open up the eyes or at the ends to look sexy. For full coat of volumizing mascara, that’s just spells dramatic.

Save this guide when purchasing your next set of mascaras and depending on your natural lashes, you might to stock up more than one kind, to fit for every needs and occasions.

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