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What Causes Your Skin To Dry?

There’s no denying that having dry skin is more of hassle than fun – you spent so much time soothing the irritated skin with skin care products, frequents touch ups with makeup, the skin feels rough to touch, and sometimes you have to bear with the tightness feeling. Until now, there is no single reason to point out what truly causes your skin to dry, but by knowing the factors that can trigger this condition, you may have the easiest way to soothe the troubled skin. Read on.

The underlying reason why your skin gets dry can be divided either from internal or external factors. Where internal factors such as your overall health, your age, genetics, or even due to other medical conditions that may affect your skin change and less producing skin oil to keep them supple.

External factors, on the other hand, relate to reasons that can be change or manipulated to help your skin. For example, your daily habits (skin care, specifically), using harsh elements that affecting your skin as well, and general temperatures (especially in cold air with low humidity).

Ice-cold temperatures, coupled with low humidity common in winter months makes our skin drier than usual (take note, even for perfect normal skin type also suffer from dryness during the winter months). The cold air is extremely dry, hence water molecules within your skin tend to evaporate more quickly, causing less moisture – increase dryness. In fact, as high as 25% your skin to lose the ability to hold on to moisture during these months.

Should you stay and hibernate in your home during winter to keep the skin from chapping? Not necessarily. Indoor heating also dries out the skin (akin to summer sans the water vapor in the air), mucous membranes leading to dry skin, chapped lips, as well as dry nose and throat.

Keep moisture surrounding you in check by using rich moisturizing cream (glycerin and hyaluronic acid are good choices as it holds moisture to the skin) for all over your body and when protective clothing when heading out. Use lowest setting for heater and team it with a humidifier to top up the moisture.

Especially for dry skin, not getting enough water only spells trouble. While you may be tempted for a cup of pumpkin spice java during winter, it’s important to keep drinking plain water all the time. Remember, the skin loses its ability to hold in moisture as high as 25% so keep a bottle of water everywhere.

The skin cells are actually wrapped in protective bubble fats and for dry skin, their protective bubble are not so protective. Combat dry skin effects by increasing foods with healthy fat such as omega (from fish, oils, or even dietary supplement) and gamma-linoleic acid (supplements like Evening Primrose Oil and borage oil) to keep your skin supple.

For your skin’s sake, please keep showers and baths to a minimum. Spending too much time in the shower will strip out the skin’s natural oils and making them drier than usual. Plus, it’s also a good idea to use gentle soap and lather yourself with a good dose of body lotion right after you’ve had your shower (pat dry your skin with a towel, not rubbing it raw!).

We’re all guilty of this, but licking your lips will only make your lips drier as the saliva evaporates. Not to mention wearing matte or long-wearing lipsticks also drying to the lips. Go with a moisturizing and creamy lipcolor, tinted lipbalm, or perhaps moisturizing glosses to glam up the pout.

Apply yourself to these solutions to combat dry skin and you’ll see how much your skin looks so much better. Article provided with many thanks to Advanced Dermatology who are specialists in Skin Care and Botox providers in Sydney.

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