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No Makeup Look Is The ‘It’ Style For 2014

Look yourself in the mirror and see if you put some makeup on. If you do that means you are so last season for this current trend of going ‘no make up’. Read on to know more how going bare faced can be so ‘in’ right now.

Okay rest assured, having a no makeup look doesn’t mean you need to survive the day solely on moisturizer and lip balms – using only makeups that only necessary and to accentuate the natural features is the right way to rock the look, so you need a bit of amount of product here and there and you’re done!

“Looking natural” has been going on for decades, particularly in the 90s after bright colors and big hair rocked the 80s. Bobbi Brown started the trend of going natural by using earthy tones for makeup and yet it’s still not the true natural as you’ll be building inches of makeup on your face and afterwards, “no makeup” is just a mere celebrity gimmick in magazines to show the public their ‘true self’.

It’s only until recently that more women are pushing the look of going “barely there” makeup look as the new beauty standard. What’s more, celebs like Beyonce and even French Vogue editor Emmanuelle Alt are also brave enough to go bare face, with #nomakeup. All in all, showcasing your natural features with little to no makeup can be the sign of confidence, practicality, and female empowerment. And you can too.

How to get the no makeup look?

Getting the “no makeup” look is quite easy I can assure you. All you need is the tips and the confidence to go with it.

Always begin by the basics and get covered in skin care department. No point of the movement if you don’t keep your cleanliness in check (that’s just downright lazy). Always wash, tone (optional), and moisturize religiously twice a day, along with a drop of sunscreen especially when going out. Plus, keep an exfoliation routine in check to slough off dead skin cells and encouraging the skin to keep renew itself.

Begin with the lightest amount of foundation and blend evenly into the skin. Keep in mind to use the right shade of foundation (no two shades lighter please!) and blend, blend, blend. BB and CC creams can be handy at times like this as you don’t have to apply five to eight different products and still look good.

A hint of lipstick (in the shade of soft pinks to mimic natural lip color) is all you need to complete the look. A tinted lip balm is a better alternative as you’d get instant moisture with a bit of color. And of course, unless your face has ever looked so pale, no need to put on blusher and let the natural colors pop! And lastly, dust a little bit of powder to keep the whole makeup stays for longer.

For a more flawless and smooth complexion, nothing beats than a good and healthy skin-friendly diet. Eat plenty of vitamin C and antioxidant rich fruits to keep the skin stay youthful for longer, as well as drink plenty of plain water to flush out bad stuff and keeping your skin in natural glow. Article provided with many thanks to Advanced Dermatology who are specialists in Skin Care and Botox providers in Sydney.

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