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Easy Way To Protect Your Kids From Sunburn

With all of the growing awareness of the bad things you can get from unprotected sun exposure, more parents are positively encouraging their kids to apply sunscreen as the most basic step in sun care. But let’s face it,  chances are to make your little ones putting n sunscreen is as difficult as making sure your kids brush their teeth before bedtime. Here’s a breather for you on how to protect your kids from sunburn in the most quick an easy way.

Why sun care habits should start early?

There’s no question that a thorough protection from the sun should be on top of anyone’s list, including the precious ones. Preventing sunburn with a good sunscreen and protective clothing are important when activities take you outdoors. Apart from getting your kids tan and burn under the sun, you can lower the risks your kids from getting melanoma further.

As countless studies have shown, there’s a good evidence that getting exposed from the sun in your early years can increase your chances to get skin cancer significantly. In fact, one key question doctor likely to ask whether you’ve got one or two spots of blistering sunburn when you’re young.

And the good news is, sun protection is not difficult (though I agree that kids can get lazy about this) and certainly won’t break your budget.

The first step is choosing the right attire for your kids – and I’d guess – your kids would whine aloud of not be able to wear the latest fashion trends. However, it’s best to encourage the little ones as wearing a protective outfit (such as long sleeved clothings, wide brimmed hat) will give your skin benefits in the long run.

The next step is of course, wearing a sunscreen. Dermatologists encourage that we use a sunscreen with SPF no less than 30 (as it’s not very useful) and it’s also essential that you wear it correctly; apply that gooey white stuff liberally and wait for 20 minutes for it to absorb into the skin. And remember, always reapply after two hours, especially if you’re sweating, swimming, or just rub your skin with a towel.

As a parent you can create a rule that no outdoor activities between 10am until 2 pm, where the intensity of sunrays is the highest.

Here’s a tip; for kids, wearing and applying sunscreen regularly can be a bit tedious thus to make their routine easier you can give them sunscreen in a spray. And another tip; make sure your kids apply on every spot, particularly on the nose – that’s one of the earliest spot dermatologists detect fr melanoma.

These three tips although simple, can definitely handy for you next time you want your kids to protect themselves from the sun rays’ harmful effects. Article provided with thanks to the Cancer Council of Australia.

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