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What Causes Your Skin To Dry?

There’s no denying that having dry skin is more of hassle than fun – you spent so much time soothing the irritated skin with skin care products, frequents touch ups with makeup, the skin feels rough to touch, and sometimes you have to bear with the tightness feeling. Until now, there is no single reason […]

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No Makeup Look Is The ‘It’ Style For 2014

Look yourself in the mirror and see if you put some makeup on. If you do that means you are so last season for this current trend of going ‘no make up’. Read on to know more how going bare faced can be so ‘in’ right now. Okay rest assured, having a no makeup look […]

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Easy Way To Protect Your Kids From Sunburn

With all of the growing awareness of the bad things you can get from unprotected sun exposure, more parents are positively encouraging their kids to apply sunscreen as the most basic step in sun care. But let’s face it,  chances are to make your little ones putting n sunscreen is as difficult as making sure […]

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3 Common Skin Issues When Pregnant And Their Solution

Deep down, perhaps a teeny bit of reason why you’d love to get pregnant is how you look so much better while carrying the bud –  soft and glowing skin complete with peachy cheeks, plus a luscious looking hair is enough to get a woman who used to have the opposite surely tempted. Yet, that’s […]

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Handy Tips If You Have Oily Skin

While people having dry skin lament that it makes them look dull and patchy, the ones who have oily skin will complain that their skin looks so shiny that it’s akin to sweaty (plus a fact, people would notice the ‘shininess’ compared to dryness both in picture and person). If you’re the one that have […]

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